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Post Graduate online admission 2023

Latest Notice

Do/ Donot

  • Before filling up the Application form, read the admission procedure carefully.
  • As per government instructions, there is no need to come physically to the college premises for college admission.
  • In case any furnished information is found incorrect, the application will be rejected.
  • Do not use mobile and slow internet to fill up the application form and pay the fees .
  • Only the selected candidates will be able to pay the fees online
  • Check Merit list for your rank
  • Check Admission list for admission
  • Once admitted, no admission fees are refund.

Pre Requisites for Applying online

  • Don't use mobile and slow internet to pay the fees.
  • Never revel your ack no and DOB to any one.
  • Upload your documents as per specification.
  • Once admitted, no admission fees are refund.
  • Read the all informations/instructions carefully.
  • For any queries please contact the college help no.
  • Keep your printed receipt/ack no in safe custody.
  • Keep your computer free of malware/Virus.